Hendricks vs. Lawler Live Chat

Chat replay: Fighters Johny Hendricks, Robbie Lawler discuss UFC 171 bout
By Dallas Morning News
Dallas-area fighter Johny Hendricks and his opponent Robbie Lawler answered questions on Thursday about their training, past opponents and future matchup. The two welterweights face off March 15 in a title bout at UFC 171 at American Airlines.

"Robbie: What is your average diet day when you are training? I am trying to lose weight my self

"Robbie Lawler: When I am training I don't necessarily worry about diet. I eat clean stuff. I stay away from steak as much as possible. Just try to eat as many vegetables. It's pretty much as hard to eat as much as I should. Sometimes I force myself to eat."

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バージニア生まれのマット・ヴァン・バーレンがダニエル・ヴィスカーヤとハウスリリを賭けてジ・アルティメット・ファイター 19 エリミネーション・ファイトの一戦で対戦。
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